Via Rick Diamond/Getty Images
Via Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Earlier today, TMZ reported that Al Sharpton will meet with Meek Mill and his attorney Joe Tacopina. The renowned civil rights activist is allegedly seeking the removal of Judge Genece Brinkley (who Tacopina claims asked Meek to leave his record label and record a Boyz II Men cover,) to adjust Meek’s 2-4 year sentence for a probation violation.

Helping an imprisoned rapper isn’t new ground for Sharpton: In 1995, while Tupac Shakur was in the Clinton Correctional Facility, Sharpton visited the California rapper.


“I visited him twice while he was in jail and negotiated with the warden to get him out of solitary confinement,” said Sharpton to Hip-Hop DX
in a 2014 statement. Tupac was in jail for involvement in an sexual assault case, and served nine months. Sharpton mentioned that he kept in touch with the rapper and spoke about trying to deal with issues like street violence.

Twenty years later, Sharpton is hoping he can provide the same kind of assistance to another rapper. It’s promising news for Meek Mill, whose problems with the Philadelphia legal system date back to his adolescence, (unjustly so.) Between Sharpton and Jay-Z’s rallying cry for criminal justice reform, we’re hoping for the best.

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