A Posthumous Lil Peep Pop-Up Shop Is on the Way

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The official Lil Peep Instagram account started teasing a pop-up shop for this Saturday, March 17, more than four months after the emo rapper’s death. On Monday, his team shared a picture of Peep holding a (likely photoshopped) note, which read “Lil Peep x Sus Boy. 3.17.18” with the caption “POP UP.” Its location was set for Los Angeles, so you can imagine that’s where they’ll open for business.


Sus Boy, Peep’s creative director, wrote on his own Instagram, days before the Monday post to discuss how he and the late rapper collaborated on a fashion collection, which they finished “the day before he left for tour”:

“I’d never heard him so excited about his goals to break into fashion, he’d conquered the runway, but now was ready to drop his own vision. I’m so grateful and blessed that he chose to share in that vision with me, but I’m crushed knowing he passed before the clothes were even finished being manufactured.”


We’ve heard of posthumous albums, but what’s the deal with posthumous pop-up shops? Apparently there’s a tradition of them: Jimi Hendrix had a London shop for merchandise and guitar lessons from Fender in 2013 to go with the collection of previously unreleased songs, People, Hell and Angels. Prince’s estate used the term loosely for a new run of official merchandise, sold online last November. I have no idea if either artist would’ve signed off on this sort of borderline-crass commemoration, but given that Prince’s explicit wishes to be kept off Spotify disobeyed less than a year after his death, it may not matter.


The extended commodification of a rapper’s death will always kind of suck, especially when the vault of unreleased material has been scraped to the bone, but the Peep pop-up shop comes early enough to trust that he would have wanted this to enter the fashion ecosystem. Still, in the nonstop thrust of his career, there was so much planned for this year, including this fashion line, a new album, and a joint tour with Good Charlotte. It’s impossible to duplicate everything that was in the works, but maybe the best way to honor him is to see that much of it goes on as planned without a hitch.

We’ve reached out to representatives for Lil Peep and will update this post if we hear back.

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