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A$AP Rocky, née Rakim Mayers, is a fairly charismatic dude if you judge him solely on his stunning fashion editorials. By his interviews, less so. GQ Style, the quarterly edition of GQ Magazine that is not simply for high-end advertising dollars, interviewed the Harlem-raised rapper for their latest issue.


The interviewer, GQ Style editor-in-chief Will Weltch, didn’t ask the rapper questions about palling around with alleged women abusers, including rapper XXXTentacion, stylist Ian Connor, and a member of his own crew, Bari. Instead, the interview is a string of nonsensical answers to questions that came not from Weltch, but instead from Rocky’s celebrity friends Andre 3000, Mahershala Ali, and Raf Simons.

The best reply that Rocky gave was from a Raf Simons question:

“If you could not do what you’re doing now, what would you do? What’s another life dream of yours?”

If I wasn’t doing this, to be real with you, I’d probably be an interior decorator.


He also gave a funny nickname to the extremely dad-shoe Balenciaga sneakers, which he wore for the magazine’s photoshoot:

[A$AP Ant] hating ‘cause he got the fake Rick Owens Balenciaga shits. I don’t fuck with them shits. I only fucks with the ones I got. I call ‘em the Larry Davids, you feel me?


Rocky also gave hints at another career path:

Well, there’s a second question from 3000: “What hobby or craft would you like to be doing that is completely outside music or fashion?”

I want to design furniture. Maybe a sofa. Or a bed.

Personally, I’d love a Rocky-designed sofa, but alas, he remains a rapper, albeit one with an album potentially dropping soon, according to the interview. Maybe another interviewer will ask Rocky more pressing questions after the album comes out.

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