Via Clive Mason/Getty Images
Via Clive Mason/Getty Images

It looks like athletes at the 2018 Winter Olympics want to use their platform for powerful political commentary, hell yeah. Meek Mill, the Philadelphia rapper currently (and unjustly) incarcerated for a probation violation stemming from a 2007 case, received a surprising sign of support from Slovenian snowboarder Tit Stante.

After the Olympic halfpipe qualifiers, Stante held up his snowboard to reveal a handwritten message of “#FreeMeekMill.”


Though Meek Mill is wrongfully imprisoned, the last few months he’s received support from various communities in and outside his own. Jay-Z wrote an op-ed in the New York Times that asked for the rapper to receive real justice. The Philadelphia Eagles, who won the 2018 Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, made his track, “Dreams and Nightmares,” their intro song. Even Drake, Meek’s former rap rival, shouted “Free Meek Mill” during a concert last November.

These gestures won’t free Meek Mill any sooner, but signs of solidarity like Stante’s shed light on issues within the American justice system, bringing them to an international stage.

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