900+ Women Sign Open Letter Calling Out Sexual Harassment in Australian Music Industry #meNOmore

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In the weeks since Harvey Weinstein’s victims opened the floodgates for stories of abuse and harassment to stick across multiple industries, the exhaustive news cycle hasn’t let up. It’s become clear, as any woman or gender non-conforming person would’ve told you long before this October, that the epidemic isn’t contained to any one line of work or country around the world. Last month, thousands of Swedish women signed an open letter condemning sexual harassment in their music industry. This week, over 900 Australian musicians signed a similar open letter disavowing industry-wide sexual misconduct and sexism.

Courtney Barnett, The Veronicas, folk band All Our Exes Live in Texas, and many more artists, managers, lawyers, booking agents, record label employees, and publicists signed the letter, dubbed “#meNOmore: An Open Letter to the Australian Music Industry,” as Billboard reports. It contains 14 anonymous stories of sexual misconduct, along with hundreds of signatures at the end. The letter calls for accountability, and implores everyone to work toward ending all sexual entitlement:

Together, we give a voice to these issues and demand zero tolerance for sexual harassment, violence, objectification and sexist behaviours. There is no place for sexual entitlement in the workplace and in our industry. Change starts today.

We have listened to our friends. We have names of perpetrators. We know the same names that are repeated in unrelated circles. It saddens us that the people who hold us in fear and keep us silenced are people we work with, people who many of us have aspired to work under, and people who some of us have known as friends. These people need to be held accountable.


At the end of the letter, there’s a form for any other woman involved in the Australian music industry to sign the letter and share her story, along with additional fields for how the industry can work to curb sexual harassment, support survivors of harassment and assault, and what men can do to address the actions of their peers.

You can read the letter in its entirety here.

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